Green Party Campaign

Double Denim has undertaken the most comprehensive study into the economic and emotional lives of NZ women, successfully pitched for and won two political campaigns, launched a movie that smashed all of the previously set box office records, taken a power company from a startup to a mainstream brand by focusing on the female customer, launched an app to get kids into nature, changed the drinking culture of a wine and food festival, helped the women of New Zealand get equal pay, launched social media campaigns for some of NZ’s biggest brands, disrupted the superannuation market in Australia, rebranded the New Zealand Festival of the Arts, and helped changed both the government and the name of our capital city.

​Double Denim works harder

We’re independent. We understand that marketing spend needs to return on investment. We know that winning comes from smarts and sharp ideas – not just the biggest budgets.

An agency designed for the connected world

We lead a small, sharp team connected to a huge network of top-tier creative talent. From film, to music, to fashion, to technology, we connect your brief with the best people to bring it to life. We collaborate widely and can work with your existing agencies to build big ideas together.

Gender Intelligence

Women are the most powerful consumer decision making group, and often the most undervalued and ignored voice in marketing. Creativity that understands and works hard for women is the biggest ‘hiding in plain sight’ market opportunity for marketers and creative opportunity for agencies. Understanding, celebrating and engaging women sits at the core of our skillset and motivation.

​Creative services

Our process is designed to work out the creative potential and positive impact we can make on your business as quickly and effectively as possible.