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We had a 200% increase in acquisition after working with Double Denim on our campaign.

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Whether you need a multi-platform marketing campaign to increase sales and raise your brand’s profile, insights into developing a lasting relationship with your customers, diversity and inclusion strategies and action plans, team building workshops, a launch event that gets people talking for all the right reasons, or a creative brainstorming workshop, you’ve come to the right place.

Effectively engaging the female economy is a huge creative and business opportunity for brands looking to be distinctive.

At Double Denim, we help you design, build and sell products and services for women — by identifying their needs, building solutions to meet those needs, and then bringing those solutions to market.

Together, let's change the conversation brands have with women, reinforcing positive social norms, whilst unlocking the true economic value that women have on businesses.

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We’ll dig deep to understand you, your business, your audience, and your market before we design a hard-working strategy to help you land your brand in the place it needs to be.

Double Denim's campaign got 3 million hits to our site at launch.


We create campaigns that get talked about for all the right reasons.

Work with us to unlock the largest consumer market in the world: women. You’ll experience profit growth, retain staff, and see how gender diversity makes businesses and organisations better.