Denim works hard, Double Denim works harder.

Double Denim works with a large group of expert consultants to build the right team for your project. 

We bring professional rigour and inspiration to ensure we’ll solve your problems while bringing energy to your team.

The team

Photo courtesy of Alice Lloyd.

Anna and Ange have a proven track record of developing campaigns and products that put their Gender Intelligence insights into action. 

They have created an extensive range of successful international and national, commercial, social and political campaigns.

Angela has lead top marketing and communications teams, and is a published author. She started the trans-Tasman dance company - The Real Hot Bitches, and a dating agency - The Man Bank.

Anna is an experienced creative impact producer who has implemented successful strategies in numerous businesses across the New Zealand film industry and the Arts. She is also a PR maven and event creator.  

They are also born on the same day.

Lauren Harrigan is our 2016 Victoria University of Wellington intern turned full-time. After graduating with a History and International Relations degree in 2017, this Sagittarian works across copywriting, brand strategy and marketing within the team. This year she spent a month in New York in the Aotearoa delegation to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

Partnerships and Collaborators 

We pull from a diverse network to deliver exactly what you need. From film to music to fashion to technology, research and product design we can connect your brief with the best people to bring it to life. 

We collaborate widely and can work with your existing agencies to build big ideas together.

Double Denim Universe

We’re a connected community. We gather our ideas from those around us, and collaborate regularly with our friends and heroes. Here are some of them in our Fanny Pack

The Ace Lady Network is a global community of 5,000 women (and the occasional man) who gather URL, on our Facebook page, and IRL at our live events series in Wellington city. Our Directors started it as a side project, that gradually grew into its own. The Ace Lady Network is a place for intergenerational wisdom, for lols, for talking about being a woman in the 21st century. Join the Ace Lady Network

Work at Double Denim

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