SAY YES TO YOU is a boutique personal branding workshop that supports you to access the gold of what you really love to do and put your branding on top of that - a powerful combination.

We’re the only personal branding workshop that uses mindfulness techniques to help you access the really good stuff.

Facilitator Rachel Davies has a rich,therapeutic experience steeped in the healing traditions of mindfulness, peaceful communication, self compassion, visualisation, nlp and laughs.

Double Denim have decades of marketing experience, have worked across private, public, arts and political sectors.

I loved the workshop — great to spend time focusing on me with some guidance/input from others. I find it hard to identify what I am good at, let alone talk about it out loud.

SAY YES TO YOU participant


  • Safe, nurturing, facilitated 3-hour session limited to 6 people
  • Sugar-free, gluten-free vegan treats and cups of tea
  • Worksheet including Build Your Personal Brand cheat sheet take home: SAY YES TO YOU notebook and pencil
  • 10-minute visualisation for success; audio recording
  • Laughs, connection, validation and encouragement with a small number of other participants in a boutique setting
  • Questions designed to help you deeply explore what you really love
  • A workshop designed to help you surprise yourself
  • Two short meditations to turbocharge your self-knowledge and efficacy
  • Outcomes more genuine and meaningful than other careers/branding/success workshops
  • One on one support and info from marketing whizzes Ange Meyer and/or Anna Dean
  • Heaps of laughs and new friends
  • After the workshop you’ll stay in the loop with your workshop group and others who have taken the SAY YES TO YOU workshop, for support, laughs and new friends.

WHERE: Double Denim HQ Cuba St, Wellington.

WHEN: Friday afternoons 3-6pm.

HOW MUCH: $350

WHO: Ange Meyer and/or Anna Dean and Rachel Davies (facilitator)

Participants include artists, mothers, lawyers, performers, IT whizzes, managers, CEO’s, leaders, theologians, sommeliers, real estate professionals, producers, sustainability champions and visionaries from all over NZ. People just like you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What actually happens in these workshops?

You'll be given the space to truly think about your purpose, to articulate and clarify your drive. Our unique combination of personal and professional, practical and reflective work means you'll come away with a set of useful ways to describe your awesomeness.

How much does the workshop cost?

The three hour session is $350+GST. The cost includes some simple preparation materials to complete before the workshop to make the most of the time we have together.

Will I know other people on the workshop?

This is a possibility, but your group will discuss a confidentiality consensus to make sure you all feel comfortable.

Will I be with a bunch of super sorted entrepreneurial types that will intimidate me and think I’m a nobody?

Most definitely not. SAY YES TO YOU is for anyone at any stage of life who may be feeling like a change or a bit of a shake-up. There is no judgement and no competition, only open, honest and caring conversation.

Are these workshops just for Wellingtonians?

Our regular SAY YES TO YOU workshops are Wellington-based, at Double Denim, 110 Cuba St every Friday afternoon from 3-6pm.

Let us know if you want us to host a session in your town or city.

Will I have to perform or get outside my comfort zone during the workshop?

These professional development workshops are designed to be a safe space for participants and facilitators alike. The process doesn't involve physical performance, only writing exercises and good conversation. Rachel Davies is a trained therapist and mindfulness teacher who leads the group through a process to calm, connect and be open to engaging with yourself in a meaningful way.

Are these workshops for women only?

No, they are open to anyone wanting to take time for themselves. However, if you have a preference to be in a female- or male-only workshop please let us know.

How many people will be in my workshop?

We have determined that the magic number for these group sessions is four.

What if I cancel last minute or want to reschedule?

We understand life happens. We charge a $100 fee for any booking cancelled or rescheduled.