How to wise up to women?

With over 80% of purchasing decisions being made by women, it’s time to wise up to connecting with the largest in-plain sight market there is.

Double Denim’s recent survey on the power of the female economy has shone a light on how women are served in both marketing and their everyday lives.

We asked questions that no other agency or statistics institution has asked women, specifically about how they feel and their place in the economy. We investigated the similarities and differences in the values, emotional states, consumer styles, gender perspectives, household responsibilities and decision influence of New Zealand women.

We are excited to share this with businesses who are ready to put women on their agenda.

We know how to create campaigns that take diversity away from being a tickbox exercise and into a transformative business tool.

Double Denim

Double Denims four-step process makes sure our clients are connecting with women in the smartest way possible.


We conduct a thorough brand audit, taking stock of the ways the brand is (or isn’t) currently marketing and appealing to women.

2. Decipher

This is where we decipher the audit and see how it stacks up against our female marketing principles and personas. We’ll present measures to align them with clever female-focussed marketing. We’ll work alongside you to articulate the needs of the business and come up with a plan on how to strategically engage the female market to ensure high growth pay outs in sales/ brand equity.

3. Deliver

We’ll implement our findings in whatever your business needs to successfully pivot to be a brand who cleverly markets to women: a campaign, changing up your look and feel, or something experiential. We’ll look at the situation and see what’s going to get you clever cut-through and amazing female customers.

4. Develop

We’re not just going to do all this work and then leave you. In the months after the audit and execution, we’ll stay in contact with regular check ins to see how the campaign or changes are paying off, and make sure it’s all going to plan in line with the strategy.