Sometimes people get stuck in their heads with their personal branding. It’s easy to do, and it can be hard to get unstuck and back into language that feels good, true and resonates with others.

Often “professional job speak” is heady, intellectual and dry. And there’s pressure to use it to seem professional in return. Honestly, sometimes when I read job descriptions like this I feel my soul shrivelling, like I can hardly read it for yawning. Some of these job descriptions could win a prize for the most boring and convoluted language out there.

Looking for work, it’s easy to feel that using this kind of dry, heady language is necessary. But the truth is, if it’s boring to you, it’s likely boring to other people too. And even though companies speak in this language, it’s people who are going to hire you, fight for you to be part of their team, open doors for you and send opportunities your way. So being able to speak in a way that other people feel, get and resonate with is really important. Plus, if you’re talking from what you love, then it will feel natural, good and easy to you too, and that always helps.

So, how do you get out of your head and find this alive, exciting kind of language to describe your skills, your work, your personal brand? There are many ways, but one of them is to join our SAY YES TO YOU workshop, Friday afternoons 3-6pm at Double Denim in Wellington. Or in Christchurch 17th May, and coming to Auckland soon. One of the most common things we hear from participants at the end of the workshop is “I couldn’t have done that alone!”