As we transition to Level 2, and eventually Level 1, there are going to be lots of challenges for many businesses. Ensuring the crucial conversations around this are conducted with grace will be the real test of business success.

Here are our tips:

Slow down

Don’t sacrifice efficiency for speed. Take a deep breath. Give yourself space to think.

Be thoughtful

Identify the groups you will be speaking with. What are their concerns? Think about the whole team, what does the security guard need to hear from you? What do the media need to know? Ensure your messaging reflects the sentiment you are hearing from the market. Think carefully about the tone you want to set.

Identify the spokesperson

Usually this is the CEO but maybe you have a team to help share the load. Practice what the individual is going to say, support them, and sign off all written communications.

Be concise

Providing accurate information is essential. Deliver it with compassion.

Be consistent

Messaging is likely to be different across channels. Your sentiment, tone and brand should be consistent across them all.

Be critical

Read the messages aloud. Is this really what people want to hear? Stay true to your brand values and be aware that any hint of profiteering or insincerity can be seen a mile away.