We’ve been doing our SAY YES TO YOU workshops about six months now, and I’m touched by how powerful they’ve been for many people. I often hear participants say how helpful it is to have some safe space and time to think about themselves and where they’re going. Life seems pretty busy here in Wellington, even without a family. And there can be so much benefit from having some focussed time for you.

To make the most of the precious three hours participants carve out to come to the workshop, we do our best to create a sanctuary up here at Double Denim. We want participants to feel safe, nurtured and have everything they need to dive as deeply as they want, in an environment that is as rich and supportive as possible.

Personally, I thrive in spaces that are safe, playful and judgement-free. Before I worked as a facilitator and therapist, for two decades I worked as a film director. This work furnished me with plenty of experience in making safe, nourishing spaces where people and creativity can flourish. As a facilitator I use all of this experience to create a really supportive, playful and nourishing environment for SAY YES TO YOU. I want participants to feel completely free to be who they are, say what they want, have the space to see their situation from new angles and find their own way to where they want to be.

Blair Kemp did SAY YES TO YOU at the end of last year. When she came to the workshop she had been procrastinating on writing creatively for a few years. She works as a corporate writer and writes for her job. But she wanted to be writing personally too. When she came in last week to do a video testimonial, she told us that she’s been writing personally ever since doing the workshop. (Whoo hooo!) You can hear about her experience in these two short videos.

It’s a real honour to be part of supporting participants to connect with their deeper selves and return to their inner gold. I look forward to seeing you at Double Denim one of these Friday afternoons.

We’re also coming south to Christchurch in the middle of May and I look forward to meeting you.