79% of women say that if they experience bad customer service, they won’t shop with the business again.

In today’s crowded marketplace it’s easy for someone to be turned off by bad service. As customers look for meaningful long term relationships rather than a short term fling, treating them with respect, dignity and love can make all the difference. Gender Intelligent brands and business are aware the female economy requires excellent customer service. Smart companies scoop up 79% of return business from female customers, because these motivated sellers understand what women want.

Our groundbreaking survey has all the stats you need to skew your business toward including female receptivities in your marketing strategies. These consumers hold the power of $28 trillion of the global economy in their hands, in order to assist you to maximise your potential, we have gleaned the insights you require to innovate your business towards this huge market.

As a highly educated and financially motivated group, women are looking to businesses to add quality and positive energy to their lives. It is not enough to ‘think pink’ anymore, and female influencers are turning up the heat on cliched marketing techniques.

Spending large amounts of time across multiple platforms, these discerning buyers are the most likely to share information on who deserves their dollar, from digital devices to diapers.

Is your company aware of how its gender diversity operates as a highly valuable asset for female audience engagement?

Todays’ smart move is angling your business towards the rapidly growing female economy.

Begin to harness this now, by contacting us and requesting a Gender Intelligence Report or one of our bespoke Workshop Packages and get your employees providing excellent service to all your customers, regardless of gender.

No-one puts baby in a corner and at Double Denim we will ensure your diversity ideals work to keep women front and centre. We believe the future is balanced, it’s smart, and connected. With the right tools and information we can keep you moving - all the way to the bank.