If you don't have a female-focussed recruitment and marketing strategy you are missing out on a 28 trillon dollar opportunity.

The ability to understand how the differences in the way all genders engage with the world can be used to increase understanding, innovation, collaboration and cooperation in workplaces and personal lives. It recognises and respects the complementary and different strengths men, women and non-binary people have.

A “gender audit” of a business looks at aspects such as internal communications, or customer expectations, and puts a female lens across the data. “A business may talk about putting family first but you see no pictures of women in its communications. Or perhaps no pictures of women in a certain age range, or demographic. We can come in and point out that what the organisation says is this, but what it does is that,” says Meyer.

“Because we are independent, people can be much more open with us about the things that are actually going on in a business,” adds Dean. “We then marry that with the business objectives - here’s an opportunity, you have to fix this part over here. That’s really powerful.

These insights help us to solve problems and harness unmet opportunities in the female economy while working to make gender equality a reality. Working with your business or organisation, we help identify ways to better engage with the fastest-growing consumer market in the world. This covers recruitment and training, to product development and personal development, through to marketing campaigns.

We co-design a strategy with you to deliver high growth, build teams and improve staff retention.

Our article in Boardroom for the Institute of Directors in New Zealand outlines the ways our gender audit can help businesses identify opportunities and grow profits.