Right now, your audience now cares mostly about those doing good and so we encourage brands to be confident in their messaging and be brave with their creative so they don’t get lost in the sea of sameness.

1. Be customer focussed.

Are assumptions about your customers driving your strategy? Now is a perfect time to learn more about what your customers really need and want. Are your customers are using your products or services in a different way to what you expected? Dig into the data and find the insights then pivot and develop accordingly.

Like this great work with local Wellington hospitality legends.

2. Create connections.

Be like Lionel. Say hello. Lots of us are craving connection and interaction. This is the time to reach out and try new ways of connecting with your customers. How can digital spaces create great communities and sales? What are the real-world opportunities for brands?

Our campaign for Creative NZ uses lots of prompts and encourages people to share art they are thankful for. So far it’s reached over 1,318,663 Kiwis and hundreds of people are using #TFA to share their artworks.

3. Show the love.

Our insights into the needs of the Kiwi and Australian household shopper shows there is a big opportunity for brands to demonstrate how much they appreciate their customer’s business. Look at your customer journey, where can you add in some love and appreciation? Be transparent, honest and watch the love grow.

4. Go to the people.

If before online was a part of your strategy, now it is your strategy.

It’s a crowded marketplace but find out where your customers are hanging out and create authentic and homemade content. Take it to them. Don’t expect them to come to you.

5. Get help.

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes an external perspective makes all the difference. If you'd like to know more, please book a session with us to discuss.