Ready to Say Yes to You?

Here are the two top tips to build your personal brand.

  1. Know yourself
  2. Know your audience

Brand is your reputation. It is the whole package — not just fancy clothes, great haircuts or a slick website. It’s how you behave in every interaction with your audience, what you stand for, and what other people say about you.

1. Know yourself

Get clear on your why.

Focus on what really makes your heart sing, not what you think you should be doing. Very few people know why they do what they do. Why is not about making money. It’s the reason you do what you do. What gets you up in the morning?

Get specific. Take the time. Really dig deep.

Think about jobs, volunteer work, study etc that you have done. Find the golden thread between them. Thinking beyond your job titles, using real language (try to avoid business jargon), ask yourself these questions—

  • What do you value?
  • What are your strengths?
  • Why do you do want you do?
  • What makes your heart sing?
  • What is your purpose?

Once you are clear on your why it is much easier to market yourself. Connecting with this joy acts like a beacon to attract the kind of people who share your values and who want to work with you.

Position yourself

When someone knows about your skills and experience they feel more confident in pitching for you, hiring you, working with you. Give the gift of you. Let them know about you.

Write your positioning statement.

This is a short statement sharing what you offer. Here is a good template —

For - who are you for?

Who - what are these people into?

Provides - what do you provide?

Only - what makes you special?

e.g. Double Denim is for progressive businesses who want to unlock the power of the $28 trillion female economy. We provide female-focused campaigns that get results fast. Double Denim are the only agency who have in-depth research into the economic and emotional lives of NZ women.

2. Know your audience.

Who are your ideal clients?

Focus on the problem you are here to solve. What are they hungry for? Address that hunger.

  • Who do I want to work with?
  • What information do they need and want?
  • What makes me different?
  • What qualifies you?
  • How do you help others?
  • What makes me so ace?
  • What do I want to be known for?

Present yourself

Sharing you with the world.

In every interaction, online or offline, you are building reputation and credibility: your brand.

  • Be audience focused - surprise and delight people
  • Be interested and interesting
  • Demonstrate your values - show, don't tell
  • Tell stories - share the journey
  • Lift others up - share content from other people that connects with your values and your why. Focus on others so they focus on you
  • Practise the art of conversation
  • Share insights not information - connect with your why and find ways to add your insights into the conversation

The practical stuff.

  • Have your own domain and website
  • Be consistent across platforms
  • Keep your information updated and on brand
  • Remove any images that don’t enhance your reputation
  • Be nice

Kick start your why by signing up for Double Denim’s Say Yes to You weekly workshop today.