An agency for the connected age

Advertising used to be about backing ‘the big idea’ and out-spending the rest. Having the loudest voice simply meant having the biggest budget and (probably) hiring the biggest, most expensive agency you could.

Now we live in a world where every month, every week, every day our digitally connected world creates something new, something weird, something unexpected that continues to surprise, delight and terrify us as citizens, as consumers and as marketers.

Creativity has been unleashed from the ivory towers and the license to plan, shoot, direct, review, comment, amplify and destroy has been given to everyone with a smartphone and access to data.

Of course this has changed the game for professional creatives, the man behind the curtain has long been exposed and it has changed everything.

The time of big flashy offices, long client lunches, over-priced creative directors sitting on top of hard working young talent, media agency kickbacks and high barriers for anyone to call themselves ‘a creative’ and get into the game has moved on.

The connected age continues to spur the rise of the freelancer, the independent producer, the photographer-videographer-editor-soundie multi-skilled creative production team of one.

There is a growing community of empowered creatives who survive by constantly delivering A-game work and building a network of respect with friends, collaborators and clients around them.

We know the internet, connected devices and social networking has already changed the world forever, but the new realities, rules and implications of the connected age are really only just getting started.

This is the wave that spurred the creation of Double Denim. A vehicle to amplify and expand the impact of years of freelancing, network building and the always-find-a-way-to-do-it-all approach

Double Denim On Demand

The freelance economy is predicated on working hard and constantly delivering to stay ahead of the game, build a community of collaborators, earn respect and the next client brief.

We’re extremely privileged (and really stoked) to be growing Double Denimalongside a community of talented filmmakers, artists, writers, actors, creative strategists, musicians and directors.

We’re built our careers by connecting and delivering work with NZ’s top tier creative talent. It’s the beauty of working in the connected age, the right ideas, direction and purpose will pull the right talent to bring potential to life.


We love working with clients and collaborators that have a mission to drive.

The best work happens when we have a strong purpose to promote, a direction and a vision to change how we think, how we live, how we play, how we work, how we grow together.

It’s this realness, ambition and boldness that creates the fertile soil for building #IdeasThatWorkHarder

We work hard to build campaigns that grow as ideas across cultural mediums and society — whether it’s instagram, radio ads, pressed vinyl or official city signage.

Kia ora 2017.