For smart businesses who want to unlock the potential of the 28 trillion dollar female economy, Double Denim provides the world’s first Gender Intelligence Action Plan. 

Smart companies worldwide are embracing Gender Intelligence as the leading approach to growing market share and retaining and hiring great staff.

Simple in principle, radical in practice.

Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.

We have a proven track record of putting our robust, Gender Intelligence lens across everything we do, be that gender consulting or creating great campaigns.

Built out of our pioneering research into the economic and emotional lives of women, we help identify the ways your business can better engage with women, from: recruitment and training; to product development and personal development; to marketing campaigns. 

We co-design a strategy with you to deliver high growth, build teams and improve staff retention.

Are you ready to SAY YES to unlocking the potential of the 28 trillion dollar global female economy?

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It’s huge

Women drive the economy. Women dominate the purchasing decisions in the market. An estimated 80% of daily consumer decisions are made by women (for products for both men and women). 80% is not a niche. It means $28 trillion dollars of the world’s $35 trillion dollar consumer economy is in the hands of women. That’s probably enough of a reason to stop right there.

It’s growing

The female economy is hands down the world’s largest growth market. The Boston Consulting Group’s Global Inquiry into Women and Consumerism predicts global incomes of women will hit US$18 trillion by 2018. That’s up from US$13 trillion in 2009 – twice as much as the predicted growth of China and India combined over the same period. One of the largest area for income growth for women comes in the form of equal pay. The McKinsey Global Institute reported that if women around the world enjoyed pay parity, it would add US$12 trillion to the global economy.

Women own about a third of all businesses in the world, and nearly half of those businesses are in developing markets. Every year, more women across the world are participating in the workforce. Every year, women are earning more at work. Every year, there are more women on the billionaire list and more women in board rooms. Women have outnumbered men in worldwide university enrolments and graduation since 2009. (Source: UNESCO’s 2009 Global Education Digest).

This translates to an educated, increasingly powerful, growing segment of the economy.

It’s influential

Women drive 80% of all consumer purchasing through a combination of buying power and influence.

Influence is all the stuff she’s not buying herself but has influence or veto power over. As dominant primary caregivers for children and the elderly all around the world, women buy for themselves, but also for the people they live with, as well as extended family and friends. They hold a multiplier effect. Win her, and you’ll win them all.

When women find a brand that meets their needs, they can become evangelical in their appreciation. Research shows women are more active on social media and more likely to post, comment and share about their favourite brands.

​It’s unloved and underserved by existing marketing

Untapped sales to women are literally worth trillions of dollars, but 91% of women say that marketers do not understand them. Women feel undervalued in the marketplace, underestimated at work and underserved in marketing efforts. They have huge demands on their time, and the consumer world is not working hard enough to build them solutions. Too much marketing is created ‘at women’ not ‘for women’.