Harv is the Founder of Collective Intelligence, the company that builds teams of diverse, high-performing people who come together to work on their growth - both personally and professionally.

Who or what did you want to be when you grew up?

A good bastard – work in progress.

What is your professional background?

I tried farming for a while, and after 30 years of that, thought I would give being a social entrepreneur a go.

When do you feel the most creative or inspired?

After about half a bottle of a great Pinot Noir, with a group of interesting and fun people. Two glasses later I become a complete know all. However, people with some boogie rock my boat, and bring out the best in me.

When are you happiest?

When I make a positive impact on other people’s lives.

What’s the best stress relief advice you’ve ever been given?

To meditate – never followed it up as I just go to sleep.

What is your most treasured possession?

I’m not really into possessions. But my first sculpture I ever did would rate a mention, as it was something that came from nowhere when I was nursing a reconstructed knee. It opened up a little portal in my head, which said, so if you can do this – what else can you do? I have been sculpting ever since.

What is the most important thing life has taught you thus far?

You are never too old to transform – learn new shit – have a go – leave your identity behind and create a whole new world for yourself – if you’re brave enough.

What is your number one business tip for surviving (and thriving) in your industry?

Listen to your gut – it’s smarter than your brain.

What is your big project or goal for 2018?

We are about to emerge as a company after 10 years of graft and keeping our head down. Exciting and a little daunting all at the same time.

Who or what is inspiring you at the moment?

The times are a-changing. The new world has lots of possibilities. Collective Intelligence has just become registered as a B Corp and I’m very proud of that. I love the way younger people than me (which is the majority of the population) want to make a positive influence on the world.

What do you continually ask yourself?

What is possible to achieve with our unique business model?

Who do you collaborate with best?

Transparent and values-based people.

Who has challenged you to be better than you once were?  

Too many people to mention. They know who they are because I’ve told them. Dozens.

How does courage manifest in your work?

Ha – writing a Blog. Not easy for me as school was not a fun place. Started 12 months ago and growing into it.

When has mentorship played a role in your life?

As a teenager to young adult – Ross Herbert, a humble guy with no education. Cooked my brain for years with questions and a dry humour. Ross would look at me sometimes and say: ‘Argh Harv, you’re dumber than I thought’ and then we would talk for hours. He made such an impact on my imagination, and courage to have a go and stretch myself. He pushed me to be a really great farmer. Totally loved the guy.