Self titled Big Kahuna at Timpson Films and inaugural winner off "The New Zealand Art Entrepreneur of the year, is a change-maker for the NZ Film Industry. He runs the 48hr film competition, has recently resurrected the NZ Film Awards all in-between making work that wins awards and puts NZ Film on the world stage.

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Who or what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was very young I had two future employment ideas that I told many friends in the playground. One was a demolition expert and the other a marine biologist working for Jacques Cousteau. I also discussed with my childhood friend Greg Johnson (singer) about a heist of a bank – I had read that if you only ever did one crime there’s a high chance you could get away with it.

What is your professional background?

I have zero professional background. I have dabbled in all areas of the film industry since bombing out of a University Degree and then actually being kicked out of Otago University. I then began working as a runner and slowly building up a formidable body of shitty related industry jobs – before striking gold.

When do you feel the most creative or inspired?

Recently it was directing my first feature film. I felt completely charged by the experienced emotionally, physically and spiritually! Absolutely exhausting on every level at the same time but I’ll take that kind of exhaustion over the normal kind any day of the week.

When are you happiest?

Goofing off with my wife and kids. Rolling around on the floor wrestling and giving each other wedgies. The new puppy jumping in also helps with the happy feels.

What’s the best stress relief advice you’ve ever been given?

Hug a loved one or stroke a friendly animal.

What is your most treasured possession?

I used to be a collector of film ephemera and memorabilia to a insane degree. Then I got to a certain age and now possessions are meaningless. So I don’t truly treasure any of them any more. I love my film print collection and I guess treasure it as a whole. Actually my wife made me a necklace piece created from my Dad’s 70s solid silver name tag – to celebrate my relationship with him which inspired my movie. So yeah – I treasure that.

What is the most important thing life has taught you thus far?

That it can all disappear in a second. So be good. Simple really.

What is your number one business tip for surviving (and thriving) in your industry?

Less talk - more walk.

What is your big project or goal for 2019?

To get as many people interested in seeing my comedy thriller COME TO DADDY. Hey there’s kiwis making films other than Taika you dig !!

Who or what is inspiring you at the moment?

I get inspired by the past if I’m being honest. My sister just told me a hilarious story from our childhood I had no idea about. I’m stealing it for the next film I do.

What do you continually ask yourself?

What happened to the Bermuda Triangle?

Who do you collaborate with best?

Anyone with super enthusiasm and a focused ability to execute well gets me excited every time. You’ll know a good collaborator pretty quickly. The ones that tend to agree with everything aren’t going to be great in the long term.

Who has challenged you to be better than you once were?

No one really. If there’s been any challenge it’s been internal. I actually feel no pressure. I have a pretty good ability to adapt to whatever comes my way. The only challenge is to enjoy the small joys that come along – because the gaps between the big ones can be looooooong.

How does courage manifest in your work?

I’m in the film business. Any courage spoken of is simply ego.

When has mentorship played a role in your life?

I wish I had live mentors. I have dead mentors. People I respected but never met who I admired for their grit. Of course my Dad and I probably didn’t tell him that enough while he was alive.

What one thing do you think would improve gender equality in New Zealand?

This is a big discussion. I’m not a huge fan of just balancing the books for stats without some long-term commitment that will pay off. So knee-jerk anything is never the smart game plan in the scheme of things.