The New Zealand Council of Trade Unions approached us to create a campaign that cut through the media maelstrom, to get people caring and learning about New Zealand's gender pay gap. 

Using Donna Summer’s song 'She Works Hard for the Money' as inspiration we developed and implemented TREAT HER RIGHT, a comprehensive multi-media and PR strategy and campaign to raise awareness around the issue.

We invited 400 women to dance for equal pay and in doing so put closing the gender pay gap back on the public agenda. 

We came to Double Denim as we knew we needed to get cut-through on equal pay for women to reach a different audience from our usual membership. The creative concept involved a giant dance-off and celebrities and felt something pretty different to many union campaigns – we were willing to trust the creative vision and it worked. Double Denim worked hard to engage and widen the audience for this issue, Treat Her Right resonated, and it stands out among campaigns we have created.

Sam Huggard, NZCTU