People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

Simon Sinek

At Double Denim we believe in changing the status-quo.

Using our pioneering gender intelligence insights and proven creativity we take diversity away from a box ticking exercise into a transformative business tool.

Understanding, celebrating and engaging women sits at the core of our skillset and motivation.

Our process is designed to work out the creative potential and positive impact we can make on your business or organisation as quickly and effectively as possible.


Work with us to unlock the largest consumer market in the world: women. You’ll experience profit growth, retain staff, and get a deep understanding of how gender diversity makes business better.

We start with the assumption that you know your business best, and we listen and assess your needs.

We use Double Denim’s pioneering Gender Intelligence Action Plan to take you through a three-step process. We’ll lead workshops that are designed to allow space for all genders to create a workplace where everyone’s skill, talents and influence are contributing to your business goals.

We then build a hard-working strategy to help your opportunities turn into realities.


We create campaigns that get talked about for all the right reasons. 

We lead a small, sharp team connected to a huge network of top-tier creative talent. From film, to music, to fashion, to technology, we connect your brief with the best people to bring it to life. We collaborate widely and can work with your existing agencies to build big ideas together. 

We build ideas designed to grow — regardless of the platform. 

Whether it’s digital, traditional, experiential, or all of the above, we build strategies that are designed to capture and keep people's attention. 

Consultancy Services

We start with the assumption that you know your business best, and we listen to and assess your needs.

We then use Double Denim’s pioneering Gender Intelligence Action Plan to take you through a three-step process to discover the opportunities for your business to engage the biggest market out there: women.

We lead workshops that are designed to allow space for all genders to create a workplace where everyone’s skill, talents and influence are contributing to your business goals. 

We design hard-working strategies to help turn these opportunities into realities. We pride ourselves on delivering authentic campaigns with heart that return high growth for our client’s businesses and organisations.

Increase your insight. Be a smarter business.

Double Denim's Gender Insights Report (2017) focuses on uncovering meaningful opportunities for building internal change, successful product and service development, and great campaigns.

Our personas, developed using our data insights comprehensively represent the needs and motivations of women in Aotearoa New Zealand. From this we create a detailed report on how your brand stacks up in market.

You gain greater awareness around where to make a difference in your decision making, thinking and actions. 

Our powerful insights enable you to:

• Connect with consumers on an emotional level and elicit a ‘you understand me’ reaction

• Re-examine existing conventions and challenge the status quo

• Solve real problems that result in the creation of new customers

• Inspire action by giving you a clear target to aim for

We start from the heart of the opportunity. 

We build a strategy to keep employees engaged, committed and willing to be part of making your business or organisation a great place to work. 

Our work goes beyond bringing in speakers and creating a diversity facilitator role. We create a strategy that works for your business. Using insights, measurement benchmarks and connecting with people we make sure diversity and inclusion is a cornerstone of your business, not a project.

Get solutions. Get answers. Get results.

In order to remain competitive and ensure sustainable success, our Gender Opportunities Report highlights all of the ways can use Gender Intelligence to achieve your objectives and increase your bottom line.

We uncover opportunities in:

• Marketing and Communications

• Campaigns

• Product development

• Project and programme development

• Building internal capability

• Training and workshops

• Partnership opportunities

• Thought leadership

Knowledge is power.

We conduct a comprehensive audit of your marketing and communications collateral and channels, internal processes and systems, hiring policies, gender pay gap and the makeup of your existing employees, all with the lens of our existing gender research.

The practical stuff.

The first step in shifting towards greater gender diversity is understanding where your organisation is now.

Agency Services

  • Audience and Market Research
  • Campaign Strategy and Development
  • Copywriting
  • Digital and Direct Marketing
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Executive Brand Development
  • Reputation Management
  • Internal Communications
  • Executive Training
  • Social Media Strategy & Training
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Audit
  • Identity and Positioning
  • Design and Creative
  • Brand Development Strategy
  • Planning and Programming
  • Design and Production
  • Photography