Treat Her Right

The New Zealand Council of Trade Unions came to us for inspiration. The brief was to ensure that equal pay for women was on the government’s agenda.

The Equal Pay act was passed in New Zealand in 1972. Women are still being paid 13.6% less than men for work of equal value. Primarily these are in industries that have historically been female dominated and under-valued. At this rate it will take 45 years before women have pay parity.

With our collaborator Good Time Productions we delivered a highly engaging integrated campaign focused around the call to action; ‘Treat Her Right’. Using Donna Summer’s song “She works hard for the money” as inspiration we produced a campaign video. We developed behind-the-scenes videos, branding, a website and outdoor collateral. We also developed and implemented a comprehensive multi- media and PR campaign and online community.

The video was released on Facebook and has had an organic reach of over 100,000 views and 2000 shares in the first 10 days and has generated articles and social media posts all over the country. It has changed the conversation about Equal Pay for women and increased awareness and demand for equal pay for women in New Zealand.

The Deputy Prime Minister has said she will make equal pay an election issue.

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