Toast Martinborough

Toast Martinborough celebrated its 25th anniversary this year and is proud to hold the reputation as New Zealand’s premier wine and food festival.

Changes to legislation around the sale of alcohol presented challenges for both event organisers and those serving alcohol to take greater responsibility for the behaviour of their guests.

“Toasted, not roasted”

We worked with Toast Martinborough to tackle New Zealand’s binge drinking culture head on and ensure their messaging put the focus enjoying the wine, the food and the sunshine in a socially responsible way - without being overbearing or dampening the fun spirit of the event.

We delivered a tongue-in-cheek health and safety related video for those who made their way to the annual festival in the Wairarapa on 20 November.

The message is designed to be playful and appealing while sending a message that wine drinking is about appreciation rather than getting drunk. It was important to avoid any sense of being preachy while also delivering important safety messages around keeping hydrated and ensuring people keep eating during the day.

The toast team were delighted with the results of the campaign and the video saw great organic reach across facebook and twitter channels.

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