The team

Double Denim is founded by Anna Dean and Angela Meyer.

Anna Dean has changed the name of a capital city.

In a nutshell: Not everyone can turn online buzz into real-world results, and vice versa. Anna Dean can. By knowing how to make the right noise with the right people, she’s in the business of making corporate cool.

Reason for being? Anna cut her teeth in the art world – helping friends’ projects get the attention they deserved. A Golden Bay girl at heart, she also has a deep connection to the land and is never afraid to plunge into the sea. Social issues, like the women’s pay gap, also get Anna fired up.

Claim to fame? TV3’s David Farrier described Anna as a “marketing genius” after she changed Wellington to “Vellington” for the launch of What We Do in the Shadows.

Angela Meyer often surprises, sometimes shocks and always delivers.

In a nutshell: She has a track record for innovative, behaviour-changing strategies. She’s not afraid to make hard decisions in the name of high-impact results.

Reason for being? Many of Angela’s personal projects are about helping women become more powerful and amazing; she started the Real Hot Bitches international dance troupe and a competitive dating game called Dating For Shoes. Ange’s happy place is in nature, and she will fight fiercely to defend it.

Claim to fame? Ange is known for having wild adventures - like that time she and her husband, along with their one year old baby, bought a boat in the Caribbean and sailed it through the Panama Canal and into the Pacific. Things didn’t end so well. Want to know more? Why not read the book she wrote about it.

We follow the positive, say yes and love the creative energy that happens when people and companies have the courage to be brave.
We also share the same birthday.

We’re surrounded by a growing crew of talented creatives at Double Denim.

Congratulations to our sidekick and graphic design maestro Jarred Bishop of Output who was a judge at the Best Design Awards this year and also picked up the trifecta of a gold, silver and bronze in the prestigious competition.

Producer Bevin Linkhorn of Good Times has gone from strength to strength and his work with the Candle Wasters has kept him on his toes, with funding secured from NZ On Air and YouTube for two new series in 2017, following on from Bright Summer Night earlier this year. He recently attended the latest YouTube Pop-up Space event in Sydney last month, working with YouTube gurus on how to make the most out of the platform. He’s currently in pre-production for a new RNZ video series with the White Man Behind a Desk team.

We have also been delighted with the Victoria University BA Internship programme and have been excited to have two interns this year, Joanna and Lauren who have been busy helping with the day-to-day range of things happening at Double Denim. This programme is highly recommended for business in Wellington. The internship is part of a University paper so both parties benefit rather than the standard intern model which makes us queasy.

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